Business Services

Clear and straight-forward advice to:

  • Inspire and motivate employees
  • Feel confident when you address employee performance problems
  • Deal with difficult personalities
  • Work with employees who have medical or psychological problems
  • Protect yourself when firing potentially dangerous employees

Help for employees after traumatic situations such as:

  • Sudden or upsetting organizational news
  • Injury, illness or death of a co-working
  • Work-related accidents or injuries

Group presentation topics include:

  • Advice for New Supervisors and Managers: How to Manage People
  • Stress Management and Avoiding Burnout
  • Professional Behavior at Work
  • Top 10 Tips for Great People Managers
  • Coping Strategies for a Changing Environment
  • Working with Someone Who is Grieving: “I don’t know what to say.”
  • Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace: Manage your risk.
  • Domestic Violence: Helping Friends in Danger

Presentations can be customized for a specific audience – just call (661) 965-6954 to discuss